We're on a Mission to Reduce the Rate of Recidivism in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

A Little Bit About Us

The Elevation Project’s primary focus is justice within the criminal justice system.  The Elevation Project believes it is important to provide each incarcerated individual with a sense of pride and purpose.  The Elevation Project programming does just that, our vision is ‘elevating individuals to become contributing members of society’ and our long-term vision of social justice is ‘a world where we are all elevated to our highest self, regardless of criminal background.’  Our work’s purpose is working towards justice within the criminal justice system.

The Elevation Project works in collaboration with each of our program participants fostering a relationship that offers a sense of pride and a belief that it is possible to change.  The Elevation Project, Executive Director believes that relationship is the first step towards justice and a big part of reducing recidivism.  She encourages each volunteer to learn from the program participants as they learn from the program.  Respect for the individual fosters the individuals respect for the community and can help to reduce recidivism within the Greater Philadelphia area.

What We Do

The Elevation Project helps men, women, and children to reintegrate back into their communities. To do this, we utilize therapeutic groups, mentoring, and job readiness training in a supportive and positive environment, encouraging each individual to make a new start.


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Our Guiding Principles


We believe that we all can go to higher levels.


Making sure that we are always able to stand behind the work that we do.

Hard Work

We believe in the importance of just getting the work done.

Open Mind

We believe in a judgment-free zone.


The participants of our program are able to trust our organization, Board of Directors, Advisory Board and volunteers.

Alternative Choices

We believe in the importance of showing individuals another way.


Each program participant should feel empowered to leave our program believing that they will not only make different choices in their own lives, but they can make a difference in the lives of others as well.

Our Team

Executive Board

The Elevation Project has an Advisory Board composed of men and women in correctional facilities across the state of Pennsylvania who, when released, will return to the city of Philadelphia. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to help to build leadership skills in men and women who will be returning to the Greater Philadelphia area, obtain insight into the real needs of those released from prison, and to have ambassadors who can share and recruit program participants within State Correctional Institutions.

The Advisory Board through phone calls and letters approves The Elevation Project programming and provides fresh ideas and concepts. Upon release, each individual will remain a member of the Board for 18 months. Most importantly, participating in The Elevation Project will enable the Advisory Board Members to elevate themselves and the people they come into daily contact with in their respective correctional facilities, providing them with tools to be effective leaders from behind the walls.

Advisory Board